It can be hard to believe that hunger is such a common problem in our community. Hunger is a quiet struggle. Families can be fearful of the stigma of asking for help. Your own neighbors may be facing challenges and in the struggle to make ends meet choose to forego meals to keep the heat on.

The Rotary Club of Darien has been attacking this problem by assembling packages of shelf stable food that local school districts can discreetly place into an undernourished learner’s backpack on Friday afternoon so that they can continue to be fully nourished over the weekend.

This school year we have been able to provide Backpack Food for Kids assistance every weekend to 165 students in need. However,  Superintendent Dr. Robert Carlo estimates that in his district alone there are over 400 children currently in need of assistance. “Fortunately, we have the Rotary Club of Darien working with us to close that gap."